Have a problem with sweaty hands when golfing? Struggling with grip? Everyone knows how it feels like to play in hot, humid conditions especially during summer. Perspiration can be a real hindrance when you constantly have to struggle with grip and worry about slipping. Getting a firm grip becomes difficult. Swings become inconsistent. Previously, I have reviewed the best golf grips for sweaty hands. However, if you are a heavy sweater, you may consider other solutions that golfers use to enhance their grip. By the end of this article, you will get a better understanding of these solutions golfers use to deal with sweaty hands.


5 Solutions to deal with sweaty hand problem when golfing

1. Dorn a Wristband

If you have a problem with sweaty hands, consider wearing a wristband on your non glove hand. This prevents sweats additional sweat from dripping from your arms to your hands. This is one quick and easy way to instantly reduce a good amount of sweat running to your grips.

2. Use a Micro Fibre Towel

Micro Fibre Towel comes in handy in several ways

1. You can dry your hands more effectively with its super absorbent material.

2. You can use it to clean your grips! First, take a wet towel with you to clean the grip and then drying it off with another towel. Why two towels? This helps to clean off the oil from your sweat and helps to ensure a tacky, firm grip throughout.

How is a micro fibre towel different from usual ones?

For one, it is made up of micro fibre materials that absorb sweat more effectively. This is because micro fibre materials have much more fibre and are much smaller. So it’s like putting more hands to work for you. 

Greenside’s Micro Fibre golf towel

Greenside’s Micro Fibre golf towel is effective in helping you to remove water quickly. It features an easy to use a snap attachment, to attach to your car, bag and push cart. Greenside’s golf towel consists of a pack of three towels in white, grey and black. I find the colours useful to distinguish between the towels. I use the white one to dry my hands, and the grey or black towel for my club.

3. Grip Boost Anti-Slip Golf Spray

If you have a problem with sweaty hands when golfing, the Grip Boost Anti-Slip Golf Spray might be a good option for you to consider. It is a quick, fuss-free solution designed for golfers to prevent slippage through sweat and humid conditions. 

There are a few ways you can use the spray to deal with sweaty hands:

  1. Some golfers use it to spray directly onto their gloves or hands to enjoy a tackier grip.
  2. Others spray directly onto their grips to enjoy greater frictional grip to your golf glove, to reduce slip and maintain grip confidence.

4. Dry Hands

Some golfers with sweaty hands problems and play with bare hands have used Dry Hands to overcome slipping. Dry Hands is used by other sportsmen such as tennis players and rock climbers whose grip is extremely important. 

To use it, just spread Dry Hands evenly on your palms and allow it to dry for around fifteen seconds and you are done. Overall, it is an easy to use solution to enhance gripping while using your bare hands. Do note that the solution leaves a layer of silica on your hand which may look whitish. By the way, if you tend to sweat a lot you might have to apply it more often to keep your hands dry.

5. Rosin Bag

Rosins have a friction-increasing capability that helps golfers with sweaty hands. This reduces moisture from your hands, keeps them dry to improve your grip. Rosin originates from coniferous plants and the powdered version is put into rosin bags. These bags have tiny pores to allow some amount powder to be released each time you tap it. Alternatively, you can also dust the rosin bag on the surface of your choice to enhance your grip. However, a note of caution for users, rosin may dry your hands too much so be careful with the amount you use. While the rosin bags helps golfers to deal with moisture, some of the powder gets onto your grip and may make them slick. So be sure to clean your grips before your shot.


Bonus tip: Check your grips

Fine, I get it, you may already know this particular tip. But still, it is important to check your grips now and then. (Pss we have also reviewed some of the best golf grips for sweaty hands here.)

If your grips feel tacky, they should be fine.

If your grips are tacky and good, then great! One way to maintain your grips is to gently scrub your grips with them often with diluted soap. This prevents dirt and oil (from your sweat) from accumulating on your grips.

If it feels slick and hard, it is time to change your grips 

Worn grips tend to have less traction and comfort. Naturally, you would want to hold the club tighter for control and this could cause both arm and wrist tension that affects your swing. On the other hand, a fresh grip provides you with sufficient traction, that allows you to swing confidently without worrying about slipping.