Knee injuries such as a torn meniscus, Patellar Tendonitis, torn PCL, torn ACL and a torn MCL can cause a lot of problems such as discomfort and pain. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the right shoes when you have a bad knee. However, we definitely want a shoe that provides sufficient comfort and cushion to minimize the pain in your knees. In this review, we will be reviewing the best golf shoes for bad knees, sore knees, and arthritic knees.


Best Golf Shoes for Bad Knees: Sore Knees and Arthritic Knees

1. Review of ECCO Biom Hybrid

Fred Couples wears ECCO shoes ‘‘with no socks… and they are tight and these are like wearing air, like pillows. That is what I like about it,’’ Couples said in the video above.

Biom shoes are made of both synthetic materials and leather. The material at the top is made of soft yak leather that enhances the shoe’s breathability. Yet, it is also waterproof. The shoe’s ECCO-Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) is a patented hybrid technology. Made up of 100 molded traction bars, it is super durable and provides sufficient stability and grip for the golfers with knee pain. You can play without worrying about slipping. However, some golfers have commented that it is slightly more expensive. But if you are looking for a comfortable golf shoe that gives you a good grip and traction, I will recommend this the ECCO Biom Hybrid. It is definitely one of the best golf shoes for bad knees, sore knees, and arthritic knees.

2. Review of DryJoys Tour

DryJoys Tour features a fitting lightweight material that offers enhanced underfoot comfort. This provides you with sufficient heel support that helps to absorb shock when walking. The shoes are also made of leather linings on the heels that are slip-resistant. Stability is also enhanced with a unique fiberglass composite at the mid-foot area. In addition, the shoe is perfect even in wet conditions. FootJoy guarantees that the shoe is hundred percent waterproof in normal use and this is valid for two years. Overall, the DryJoys Tour offers extreme comfort for your foot. It provides great stability and effectively cushions the impact on your knees. This definitely makes it one of the best golf shoes for bad knees, sore knees, and arthritic knees.

3. FJ Hyperflex Golf Spike

FJ Hyperflex shoe has been known for providing extreme comfort and cushioning while offering the wearer sufficient support and stability during your golf swing. FootJoy’s Hyperflex shoe has been worn by top players such as PGA champion Jimmy Walker. The FootJoy Hyperflex shoe features the unique FlexGrid upper. The upper was designed by researching the physiology of the foot to understand areas where flexibility and stability are needed by the golfer. It is able to adapt and fit the movement of your foot. Furthermore, it has a unique plastic mesh material that helps to further enhance your lateral stability during a golf swing. In addition, there are SoftSpikes Tornado cleats on the sole which offers a stable and supportive grip when you walk.

Another thing that stands out is the white sole. It is supportive and offers great comfort for your foot, and you can definitely feel a spring in your steps as you walk. Inside the shoe, the material feels breathable and yet boasts a waterproof quality, which makes it a great golf shoe for humid and wet weather. Overall, the FJ Hyperflex shoe is the preferred, and one of the best golf shoe for bad knees, knee pain, sore knees and injured knees. The shoe definitely provides sufficient support and stability that gives you additional confidence in your game.

Other solutions to pair with the Best Golf Shoes for Bad Knees and Knee Injury

1. Superfeet Premium Insoles for Stability and Comfort

The insoles can help to ease your knee pain with its additional padding. The Superfeet insole is carefully designed with proper structures to support your feet and provide long lasting comfort. It helps to hold your foot in place and provides stability for your foot. This can help to reduce the shock on your knees during the game to prevent knee pain from knee injuries and arthritic knees. In addition, it is coated with a special substance that helps to reduce odor causing bacteria.

2. Knee Brace for Stability


Some golfers with knee pain use a knee brace for greater stability and pain relief. In particular, I want to review the Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace that is suitable for golfers with knee injuries, ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL. It has a quality four-way ligament support which provides support for both your lateral and medial stability. Plus, parallel and x-straps that were designed for greater anterior and posterior stability. I like that it comes with a unique kneecap stabilizer that keeps your kneecap in a stable position while preventing unnecessary movement. Also, its parallel straps provide optimum stability for a whole range of motion. Thus, the knee brace is also suitable for your day to day activities. However, some golfers have commented that the price is slightly more expensive. Still, I’ll recommend the Zamst ZK-7 Brace because the knee brace has great reviews so far and it provides excellent stability especially if you are struggling with knee pain, soreness, and injury.

There is also the Incrediwear knee support brace that is a unique blend of bamboo charcoal, spandex, and germanium. It also comprises of special fibers that help to increase blood circulation, and with no discomfort. In addition, it works well in moisture and is flexible to movement. The additional support from the knee brace can be used for greater stability if you have knee pain and knee injuries.