One of the biggest challenge about playing in the rain is to maintain a secure and firm grip on your clubs. Sure, it is not likely for the entire club to slip out of your hands. But in wet weather conditions, even a tiny bit of twisting can lead to a poor strike on the ball. Thankfully, there are several golf grips designed to help you maintain a firm grip in wet weather and rain. I will be reviewing some of these best golf grips for wet weather and rain.



The Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Platinum Grip  is definitely one of the best golf grips for wet weather conditions and rain. It features a hybrid technology and delivers a tacky feel even in wet weather conditions. I’d like to point out its uniquely designed materials. First will be its brushed cotton technology cord that ensures a firm, tacky grip. This is especially useful for all weather control this is because of its moisture management properties.

It is also designed with performance rubber that offers greater responsiveness for the lower hand. However, some golfers feel that the grip felt rough on the hands which is no surprise because of its corded material. Overall, the Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Platinum Grip is one of the best golf grips for wet weather and rain because of its unique cord and rubber blend which offers great response and traction. The tacky feel remains even as you golf with slightly wet conditions and this boosts your grip confidence and performance.


The Lamkin UTx Golf Grip is made with Tri-Layer Technology to blend together the perfect feel. More importantly, it has a moisture-wicking fabric that enhances its all-weather playability, making it one of the best golf grips for wet weather and rain. Some of you may have faced slippage issues due to wet conditions and may have also considered using cord. However, corded grips also tend to be rougher on your hands.

Thankfully, the UTx grip seems to have found a perfect blend that absorbs shock and provides great corded traction at the same time. Thus if you are thinking of switching from rubber grips to corded ones, I’d recommend this grip. The reason is simple. It provides sufficient comfort and comfort for your hands without causing calluses due to toughness from the cords. Overall, the Lamkin UTx Golf Grip is one of the best golf grips for wet weather and rain as helps you to maintain a firm grip even in wet conditions.

3. Special mention: FootJoy Rain Grip Golf Glove Review

On top of getting the right grips, you could also consider wearing gloves that are designed to perform in wet conditions. One of the best golf gloves for wet weather conditions and rain is the FootJoy’s specially designed Rain Grip Golf Glove. Golfers who play in wet conditions use the rain drip gloves improve their grip because the glove handles moisture well. Thus, it helps you to maintain a steady grip even in wet conditions.

Furthermore, the glove is designed with a quick-dry material that maximize breathability. Overall, it is a high performing glove offers you a firm grip even in the wet weather conditions. If you are worried about your the club slipping out of your hands, the Rain Grip Golf Glove is definitely a good option to consider.