Arthritis affects millions of people worldwide and is most commonly associated with seniors. Arthritis refers to the inflammation of joints that results from a breaking down of one’s cartilage. Cartilage is an elastic tissue that allows joints to move smoothly, it helps to cushion shock from your movement. As it deteriorates, bones may come into greater contact with one another, giving rise to pain and stiffness that restricts movement at the joints. However, golfers with arthritis can continue to enjoy golf with the right equipment. If you have arthritis in your knee, you can read a review that I have written here about the best golf shoe for arthritic knees. On the other hand, if you have arthritis in your hands, you can consider trying an oversized grip as less tension is exerted by your hands when gripping the club. Several golf grips have been designed for golfers with arthritis. Read on to find out the top 3 best golf grips for arthritic hands and joint pain.


Review of the Best Golf Grips for Arthritic Hands and Joint Paint

1.Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip Review

The Winn Excel Wrap feels soft and comfortable. It feels almost like a pillow. Its soft, cushy grip is shock absorbing and it effectively prevents shock from moving up your arms and shoulders, making it one of the best golf grips for arthritic hands and joint pain. Additionally, the grip offers great traction that gives you a secure feeling. The grip helps to reduce joint pain as you do not have to grip too tightly for control. Rather, you can relax your arms.  This reduced tension in your muscles can contribute to a more powerful and stable swing.

If you prefer an even softer, you can consider the Winn Excel Soft Oversize Copper Grip which provides more cushion and comfort for your hands.

2. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips Review

Tacki-mac grips are made from high-quality thermoplastic rubber which offers a tacky feel. It is definitely one of the best golf grips for arthritic hands and joint pain as the grip has a unique serrated design that enhances your grip. This means that it has many tiny bumps on the grip that gives it a rough texture that helps you to maintain a firm grip without gripping too tightly. This enables you to exert a lighter hand pressure to minimise tension when swinging.

The grip is also highly durable as they are made with thermoplastic rubber. To clean your grips, gently use mild soap to wipe it now and then to ensure that oil (from sweat) don’t get accumulated, and it will be as good as new! One additional benefit of the Tacki-Mac grip is that they work well in wet conditions and performs well with sweaty hands because the serrated design prevents slipping. However, for those of you who prefer a smoother texture, the grip may be overly rough on your hands.

3. Avon Chamois Jumbo Black Grips Review

The Avon Chamois Jumbo is one of the best golf grips for arthritic hands and joint pain. The grip offers a soft, cushioned feel for golfers with arthritis. The oversized grip dampens vibration while providing you with sufficient cushion. It is also a ribbed (or reminder) grip that reminds the golfer where to place their hands on the grip. This helps to ensure a consistent placement of your hands that promotes greater consistency in your shots. Made with rubber polymer, this grip also offers remarkable durability, making it one of the best golf grips for arthritic hands and joint pain. Overall, the soft cushioned feel of the Avon Chamois Jumbo  helps to reduce joint pain as it provides sufficient cushion during your shots.


Other Solutions to Enhance Your Grip

4. Grip Boost Anti-Slip Spray

Gripping the club too tightly can be painful when you have arthritis. Thus, it is important to have sufficient frictional grip without exerting too much tension in your hands. One way to increase your frictional grip is to use an anti-slip spray. In particular, grip boost has developed an anti-slip spray for golfers that delivers a greater frictional grip almost instantly. Golfers use it to spray it directly onto their gloves, hands or grip to enjoy greater frictional grip. Overall, the grip boost anti-slip spray is a quick and fuss free method you can employ to maintain grip confidence and control of the club.