Golfing in humid, hot conditions can be challenging for heavy sweaters. One way golfers deal with sweaty hands is to wear a glove. The textured surface on gloves helps to enhance your grip, especially when your palms sweat during humid conditions. Wearing a good glove helps to prevent slipping and helps your grip to remain firm even when wet. This eliminates the tension in your hands so you can swing confidently without worrying about slipping. Many golfers, like yourself may have faced the same issue. Similarly, I face a similar problem with sweaty hands and struggled with slipping. Thus, I decided to research by going through reviews, forums and of course speaking to golfers. Through the study, I have narrowed down to 4 best golf glove for sweaty hands.


Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

1. FootJoy WeatherSof  Golf Glove Review

One of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands is the FootJoy WeatherSof glove. Golfers who sweat a lot have used the FJ rain gloves to improve their grip because the glove handles heat and moisture really well. It is able to maintain its feel and traction in humid and wet weather conditions. In fact, the WeatherSof glove was well received since their launch in 1990. The glove features a combination of synthetic materials and Cabretta leather. For those of you who don’t know, cabretta leather originates from hair sheep and it has a soft texture. Thus, the glove has a flexible and soft texture to the touch. It feels comfortable on the hands, and has some kind of elastic feel to it. If you are looking for a high performing and durable glove, FootJoy WeatherSof glove is definitely a good option to consider.

2. Nike Dura Feel VIII All Weather Gloves Review

The Nike Dura Feel VIII golf glove is designed for all weather conditions. Golfers with sweaty hands have used the Nike Dura Feel VIII golf glove because it readily provides a firm grip even in wet conditions. The glove combines synthetic leather as well as leather at the palm area. This combination offers a firm, confident grip, making it one of the best golf glove for sweaty hands. The glove is also designed the ensure maximum flexibility of your hands and fingers. First, stretch fabric is positioned that the back of the glove. Second, perforated synthetic leather is used at the back of your hand and fingers. This further enhances motion and moisture management, which is extremely helpful for golfers with sweaty hands. In terms of its durability, synthetic leather materials tend to be more durable, thus you can expect to enjoy the performance benefits of the Nike Dura Feel VIII golf glove for a longer period of time.

3. Titleist Perma Soft Gloves Review

The Titleist Perma Soft Glove is a best selling glove from Titleist. It is specially designed for golfers who prefer a leather feel as well as flexibility. Also, it is one of the best golf glove for sweaty hands because it’s designed to resist perspiration while helping you to maintain your grip. This is because the glove is made from Cabretta leather that helps you to repel moisture. At the same time, this material on the Perma Soft glove delivers a soft and comfortable feel for your hands.

Now I will go on to elaborate more on its features. If you look closely, you can see the CoolMax mesh panel along the knuckles to promote enhanced breathability and flexibility as you grip your club.  The glove also features a patented satin reinforcement positioned at the thumb area and the cuff area. Its main purpose is to improve tear strength for enhanced durability. Additionally, left handers can enjoy the performance benefits of this glove.

Overall, the Titleist Perma Soft glove feels comfortable to the touch and its moisture repelling qualities is definitely makes it one of the best golf glove for sweaty hands and humid weather.

4. Bionic PerformanceGrip Golf Gloves

Bionic PerformanceGrip Golf Gloves is one of the best golf glove for sweaty hands and humid weather. They are designed with leather as well as terrycloth towel that helps to absorb sweat to keep your hands dry. Additionally, the gloves delivers exceptional flexibility and comfort with their elongated 3-D inflexion to suit the motion of your hand. The glove feels snug and fitting for my hands.

In terms of moisture management, the glove is breathable and manages moisture well which is extremely helpful for golfers with sweaty hands. However, it may be pricier than your usual gloves but it is also more durable. They do tend to last longer and it is made with high quality genuine Cabretta leather that is also washable with mild soap. If you struggle with sweaty hands and are a frequent player, the Bionic PerformanceGrip Golf Gloves are a great option to consider. But if you prefer a thin glove, this glove may not be suitable for you. Overall, the glove performs exceptionally well in terms of durability, moisture management property and comfort.


On top of getting best golf gloves to enhance grip, golfers have also used other strategies to further to boost grip confidence. I have reviewed some of these strategies here.